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Security refers to the condition of not being threatened. There are various issues that can make a person feel threatened, especially physically. Living or working in an area that has a record of insecurity can make a person feel unsafe. This is because there are chances that they may be attacked by people who want to harm them.Insecurity is an issue that is experienced in many parts of the world. People always hear stories of how some people were attacked and even injured. No one would want to be on the receiving end of an attack. Everyone wants to feel safe. This is the reason why security companies are in business. There are many security services agency that provide security services to their clients. However, there are various benefits that are accrued from employing a security guard.

A security guard provides a sense of security in a building. The people who are in the building feel safe because they know that there is a professional who is protecting them and looking out for their interests. This promotes a sense of wellness and safety. This is an important feature in a place of work especially because the employees will be more productive if they are assured that their safety has been taken care of. A security guard promotes security by ensuring that everyone who enters the building has the authorisation to do so. They mostly stand at the entrance of a building and ask to see the authorisation papers for a person to access the building. This is important as it discourages people who have ill motives from entering the building. It shows them that they would be caught easily and their ill motives exposed. This is very important because the building will always be a safe place and the people who work or live there will have peace of mind.

The security guards who are provided by security companies also provide customer services. They usually ask the people who visit the building which area they want access. Afterwards, they direct such people to the appropriate place they want to go to.This is very important because it ensures that the visitors are not stranded. Security agency also maintain order in the building. They ensure that everyone is following the rules and regulations that have been laid down. Whenever someone wishes to cause chaos, the people who are nearby call the security guards. Such individuals are them expelled from the premises so that the people can feel safe. This ensures that law and order prevails at the premises.

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